Summer Shocks 1996: The Craft

A kind of spellbound spin on Carrie, or a Hexed Heathers, The Craft became a minor hit based largely on its appeal to the female audience. Directed and written (along with co-scripter Peter Filardi) by Andrew Fleming, The Craft tells the tale of Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney), a new addition to a Los Angeles Catholic high school, having just moved to LA from San Francisco with her dad and step mom.

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Blumhouse's The Craft Has Officially Finished Filming

Filming on upcoming supernatural horror reboot The Craft has finished now, according to producer Jason Blum. And it's about time.

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2pacalypsenow1316d ago

A new decade, same ol Hollywood "reboots"


The Craft Sequel Updates and News

Most Craft fans should know by now, that there is a sequel in the making. It is safe to say there is a lot of buzz about this movie being made especially from us girls who first watched it back in 1996. So whats the latest scoop?

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Bitz2566d ago

The new update is the producer actually


Wish/hope they use the same actresses, really dug this movie back in the day.


The Craft- 20 Years Later- State of Liberation

Calling all goth girls, I know for a fact that in 1996 we all loved the movie The Craft. I know this because I was a huge fan and watched it religiously. I sat with friends like most of you did, lighting candles and trying out the spells to see if you could get them to work.

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Freethinkingjz2600d ago

This movie will always be in my top ten movies of all time. I just hope they do the remake or sequal justice!

starchild2599d ago

Cool movie. I still have it in my collection.

christocolus2599d ago

Whoa. I loved this movie back then. It's a classic.