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20 Actors Who Deserve Your Support

Cinema Blend:
The list of categories actors could be broken into is seemingly endless. Just in the last month or so here at Cinema Blend, we've done itemized editorials celebrating the great supporting actors and disgracing those who no longer care. The possibilities are exhausting. Who's the most bankable star in Hollywood? Will Smith? Who's the best actor in the world? Johnny Depp? Who's the smarmiest villain of all-time? Eric from Billy Madison? But, it seems to at least us, there's one single factor which matters more than all others. It's all about whether or not you care.

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JL4288d ago

Some of my favorite actors around today right here. Nice list. Some very good actors with a true passion for their craft and art. Gervais might be my favorite comedic actor today. Hanks, Murray and Bridges old school legends. Norton and Day-Lewis have really solidified their amazing actor status in recent years. DiCaprio could be argued as one of the greater actors of our generation. Viggo and Brody are both that I feel do very good jobs but aren't appreciated as much as I feel they should be. Then Gordon-Levitt and Page are two that are very good actors and will be part of the future of this industry. I would've liked to add Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale to name a few.

Ooh, and I'm putting it on record, after much thought and deliberation, my nominee for The Riddler in Nolan's Batman 3 is on this list. No, not the front-runner Gordon-Levitt....I'm talking Crispin Glover.