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Playlist Review: Piranha 3D

In "Piranha 3D," an outlandish and all together brilliant new shock-a-palooza from French director Alexandre Aja, Richard Dreyfus, as a Matt Hooper-like schlub (he's dressed like the character and singing "Show Me the Way to Go Home"), unwittingly triggers some kind of seismic activity when he drops his beer into a lake. The beer, of course, is given the yuk-yuk in-joke name Amity Beer after the besieged island in "Jaws." And the seismic activity unleashes a swirling mass of killer, prehistoric, flesh-devouring fish. It's a slam-bang opening, for sure, and sets the tone for the rest of the film well: this movie is going to be silly, gory, and a whole lot of fun. The beer bottle is telling too, since much of the movie is spent as both a celebration and ruthless take-down of over-the-top American hedonism.

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