NonsenseFilm Review: Piranha 3D

NonsenseFilm's Andrew Jones writes:

'I’m not a horror fan. I don’t do gore much, I don’t do scares, I don’t understand people who enjoy being scared, if I want to be scared (and I don’t) I’ll walk around late at night wearing the most expensive stuff I can find and hope someone chases and mugs me. But I don’t want that, and I don’t understand those that, in a way, do. The people who build insane collections of ‘banned’ movies, video nasties, near snuff films.

Still, Piranha 3D manages to not be like Alexandre Aja’s previous films (Switchblade Romance and The Hills Have Eyes remake) because it’s comic horror, in that it’s a lightly toned silly misadventure with extreme gore in the funniest way.'

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