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Is Darth Maul's Brother Too Far-fetched Even For Star Wars?

The Kartel writes, " I'm a massive Star Wars nerd and I've been a follower of Lucas' ever since I can remember. Despite some poor decisions on his part, I've never wavered from my belief that Star Wars is George's universe, his word on those matters is law, and that he knows what's best for the franchise. However, after two decades, something may have finally shaken that belief."

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darklordzor4294d ago

I just want to know if he's so cool, why haven't we heard of him before. If he's stronger (as the trailer implies) why would Sidious have gone with Darth Maul instead of his brother. Also I'm guessing he's older because his horns are longer?

tunaks14293d ago

clone wars = the new holiday special.