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House Special: The Fem-Expendables

To steal a line from pretty much any movie commercial that achieves this, “The Expendables is the number one movie in America.” Most aren’t surprised by the success of a movie that so narrowly scoped in on its audience that it had to succeed. The Expendables for anyone living under a rock for the past year is a movie that takes some of the biggest action stars of the past 30 years and puts them in a movie together. The actual movie doesn’t really matter once you have a cast this strong.

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jarodwarren4288d ago

100% agreement all around. Good choices. But Eliza Dushku could have made it in and Summer Glau would make a good addition (damn I'm a Whedonite)

GameTavern4288d ago

Yeah sadly, I didn't see Summer Glau until I started watching Firefly and then remembered she is also a Terminator.

Another one, is Milla Jovovich (spelling?) from the Resident Evil movies.