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Collider: Date Night Blu-Ray Review

I can’t think of two more likeable stars than Steve Carell and Tina Fey so it’s no surprise that their cinematic joint effort, Date Night, exudes a quality of general likability. Carell and Fey have an easy, natural chemistry playing Phil and Claire Foster, a married couple from New Jersey who decide to reignite their romance with a night out in the big, bad apple. When they end up mistaken for a couple of low-life crooks running a blackmailing scheme against a local politico, they end up on the run from corrupt cops and big-city mobsters. There’s a tradition of Manhattan-set screwball comedies that place during the course of one wild urban night – Martin Scorsese’s After Hours comes to mind – and while Date Night doesn’t do much to advance the sub-genre, it’s still a breezy, funny way to pass the Night.

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