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Oscar Talk For Noomi Rapace; She's Up For 'Sherlock Holmes 2', 'Mission Impossible 4'?

Oscar season officially begins September 1st. And already I hear Hollywood types everywhere discussing the films from Stieg Larsson book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, they're wondering aloud if breakout star Noomi Rapace could get an Academy Award for playing Lisbeth Salander. After all, Sweden's Yellow Bird released the film back in 2009, and the other two pics in the trilogy were made for television and cut down for the big screen. I've now confirmed that she is eligible. Because Music Box Films released director Niels Arden Oplev's Dragon Tattoo version in a Los Angeles County theater for a qualifying run this past March, thus making Rapace's performance eligible. I've learned that Music Box Films is about to hire an Oscar publicist, probably Melody Korenbrot, to promote Noomi for a Best Actress nomination. That's right, Best Actress. She's already won the Swedish equivalency of that for the film.

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JL4295d ago

I would definitely like to see her in some more things. She did such a good job with the Salander character.