Times Square AMC Shuts Down Due to Bedbugs

AMC Empire 25 is forced to shut its doors due to an overwhelming problem of bedbugs inside the theater. AMC denies they were aware of customer complaints. Were they unaware or pleading ignorance because they were caught red-handed?

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darklordzor4297d ago

Wow, you'd figure a big and prominent theater like that would be on top of such things. Though I wonder how they got there in the first place. Someone had to have brought them from home....ewwww!

amsdesignphoto4297d ago

Words can't describe how horrified I was. What they do to a person is just insane. As we all know, Times Square is a huge tourist I could only imagine how many people come and go from different states and countries into that theater...and whatever else they bring with them. I remember some time ago (2007 I think) when they had the rat problem...or at least publicized. I hear such awesome things about NYC and Manhattan but I might skip out on this especially if the bug problem is THAT big even in homes..

jarodwarren4296d ago

Oh freakin' nasty. Yes, as big as they are you'd think they'd have it under control. But's New York! What a town!