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'James Bond' Screenwriters Jump at a New Action Thriller

‘James Bond’ screenwriters, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, are not sitting in the dark when money is to be made. Accepting an offer from Michael Lieber and Walter Parkes, the pair will be scripting a new action thriller based in the nomadic terrain of West Africa.

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barboza4289d ago

If these are the guys that are keeping a half century old franchise alive I'd line up to see what else they've got.

amsdesignphoto4289d ago

Me too! I'm ready to see how they create this one.

darklordzor4289d ago

Well let's see, James Bond is officially canned until MGM gets their crap in gear, so I think they should jump onto a new project. As good as they've been I'm interested to see what they can do outside of a massive franchise.

amsdesignphoto4288d ago

Likewise. This will be a test to their skill