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HBO Looks to Decline Deal with Netflix to Launch HBO Go Service

HBO is moving along with online movie streams. On the verge of declining any deals with Netflix, HBO is ready to launch their own service, HBO Go Service at premium prices. How much are viewers willing to pay to watch this ‘high quality, exclusive content?’

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barboza4296d ago

Doesn't HBO already offer an On-Demand catalog (free + paid)? I'm sure they'll make a ton of money but they'll probably charge way more than Netflix so I'm out.

darklordzor4296d ago

Totally, I don't see the point for this when the On-Demand stuff is already there. Seems awfully redundant and a ploy to get more money.

CMDobson4296d ago

I agree. I'm out. Netflix is awesome, and more reasonable.

jarodwarren4295d ago

Bad move on HBO's part. Should have gone for the deal, just as Nintendo should have stayed with Sony when they approached them for a joint home console deal. Corporations never learn.