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Guillermo Del Toro Would Love To Do Hellboy 3, But Doesn't Want Franchise To End

Earlier this year. director Guillermo del Toro left the long-awaited adaptation of "The Hobbit," fueling speculation that he might return to the "Hellboy" film franchise sooner than he had previously stated.

However, when asked by MTV News about his "Hellboy" plans, del Toro seemed to indicate that its fate rested in the hands of Ron Perlman, the actor who starred in the title role under several layers of makeup; a process which Perlman apparently dislikes.

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JL4296d ago

I would love to see another Hellboy. I can understand Perlman's stance in that...6hours of makeup? God that's brutal. But to see another Hellboy (even if it is the last) would be great. Be good to put a proper finish to the series too.