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Guillermo del Toro Left 'The Hobbit' Because of James Cameron?

Lord of the Rings fans have probably just found a scapegoat to blame for part of The Hobbit's woes. James Cameron has confirmed that he once gave Guillermo del Toro advice to back out of the project.

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barboza4293d ago

My attention is on 'At The Mountains of Madness' now.

amsdesignphoto4293d ago

No kidding. He will have a high bar to achieve after LoTRs. Everyone is going to compare him to Jackson... he has quite the battle to fight.

darklordzor4292d ago

I think Jackson needs to do this, or that they shouldn't be done at all. It's his vision so let's let him finish it up. Besides after this long, it might not even be necessary.

CMDobson4289d ago

I totally agree with you there.

josephgomez4292d ago

I'd say it was some pretty sound advice, and that when someone like James Cameron tells you something, it might be a good idea to listen.