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'Captain America: The First Avenger' Set Photos Are Not Thrilling

The first set of photos have been released for the on-set location in the UK. The set photos seem to continue to bring up mix emotions about this franchise: Will ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ blow moviegoers out of their seats?

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CMDobson4297d ago

Yeah..they don't inspire alot of excitement do they?

amsdesignphoto4297d ago

As I look at it going, "is this it? And they want to be done in July?" O boy. I'm slightly worried about this now. I'm going with the "it's too early to tell stage."

darklordzor4297d ago

It looks like the set of a MASH remake. Sure it's still in the early stages but I guess any pics are good for fans.

barboza4297d ago

I kinda like the look. MASH is exactly what it looks like, great observation.

darklordzor4296d ago

Yeah, I'm not meaning it as a bad thing either. The set photos look fairly generic. I won't be excited until we see him in the suit and stuff like that on the set.

amsdesignphoto4296d ago

I don't mean to laugh but that cracked me up. Captain America in MASH. Sorry, I couldn't pass that up in the least!