How Marvel Can Fix The Punisher on the Big Screen

Film Critic:
The news that Marvel Studios has reclaimed the big-screen rights to the Punisher is the best thing that has happened to the character since the invention of the portable rocket launcher. Hollywood has tried -- and failed -- on three occasions to build a successful franchise around Frank Castle's one-man war on crime. (How do you mess up such a simple premise three times?) If any character in moviedom needs a hard-and-fast reboot, it's Marvel's grim vigilante.

Now that Marvel is in control, the Punisher could finally get the same attention the comic-book giant has given to Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. While we won't be seeing Frank join the Avengers anytime soon, there is plenty that Marvel can do to make up for past cinematic missteps. So how do you solve a problem like the Punisher? Here's how.

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