DVD Talk Review - Cougar Town: The Complete First Season

DVD Talk:
If you can look past the awful name and give Cougar Town a chance to work past its title in the first few episodes (where it's still funny), you may be surprised that such a fun, relatable show waits for you. For anyone who's ever had a crush on someone, many truths unfold via a bevy of hysterical interactions and encounters that often push the blue envelope just far enough for primetime network TV. While it's not breaking the mold and still resorts to some stereotypes and "differences between men and women" themes we've seen done millions of times before, the writing and cast spins it in a spirited way that is frequently hysterical. They cast has great chemistry together, and the dialogue delivers a nice tempo. Courteney Cox and Busy Philipps (for my money, the show's best weapon) are reason alone to see Cougar Town, which is able to balance its sex and sarcasm with sincere looks at love, marriage, friendship and parenting. Highly Recommended.

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