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The Five Greatest Movie Directors of All Time

AC: Film directors are people who direct the actors and the film crew during the making of the film. They determine the creative aspects of a movie and control the way the movie is portrayed in the big screen. When a movie is terrible, the blame often goes to the director, but on the other hand, if the movie is great, the film director is awarded with applause and praise.

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JL4297d ago

Wow, any list that puts Cameron as a Top 5 director of all time, loses all credibility. Maybe if you want to put him as a Top 10 PRODUCER, fine. As a director though he's crap. And Coppola tops it? Where's Hitchcock? Woody Allen? Scorsese? Tarantino? John Ford? Sidney Lumet? Even Clint Eastwood is better director than Cameron. I think absolutely Hitchcock has to be at the top of that list though. If not him, then Spielberg. Coppola just can't top a list like that. Kubrick is deserving of a nomination, Cameron needs to be axed though. I love Nolan and personally I'd put him on my list and he'd top the list of current directors (given that yes Spielberg is still around but he's gone downhill since his heyday). But realistically I could understand someone not quite putting him on that list yet (given there are so many great directors of the past and a Top 5 would be a very very very elite group. That's not even mentioning people like Lucas, Chaplin, Huston, The Coens, Capra, Orson, Stone, and so on and so on.