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Alternate Takes: Top 5 Batman Actors

From Christian Bale's Dark Knight and Adam West's original to Michael Keaton's 1989 version and George Clooney's nipples, 411's Shawn S. Lealos ranks the actors who have portrayed Batman!

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JL4999d ago

I agree Bale is my favorite Batman. He just nails that part so well. Though on one hand I do have to think that without Keaton we wouldn't see Bale playing Batman as well as he does. Keaton sort of laid the ground work for the way Batman should be. I guess it's sort of like Keaton created it, Bale perfect it for me.

likedamaster4999d ago

Michael Keaton > Val Kilmer > Adam West > George Clooney > Christian Bale <--- This guy ruined Batman for me.


"It Was F***ing Awesome" – Storyboard Artist Discusses Ben Affleck's Batman Movie

Many moons ago, the DC film universe looked much different than what it does today.

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The 7 Best Michael Keaton Movies

Batman, Beetlejuice, Birdman and more! Here are the 7 best Michael Keaton movies from his long and illustrious career.


DC Releases Modern Cut of Batman

There have been many iterations of Batman seen on the big and small screen, and it was revealed this week that the sequel to Matt Reeves' The Batman officially has a title and that DC Studios is also working on a Brave and the Bold movie.

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