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New Epix Film Channel Brought To You By Dish Network

Dish Network has created a new movie channel from Epix called The 3. This film channel will bring movie gurus the ultimate classic movies (‘The Terminator,’ ‘Rocky’, etc) directly to their televisions.

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CMDobson4298d ago

Oh sweet! I want it.. That would be awesome to sit down and actually find a movie that I like or have not seen in awhile.

darklordzor4297d ago

Nice, this almost makes me want to convert, but I'm pretty happy with UVerse. Besides, being a big movie guru myself, I already own most of those films on DVD/Blu-ray, so it's hard for me to justify the extra cost of ordering a new channel. I like the idea though.

amsdesignphoto4297d ago

I hear UVerse is really great. I unfortunately got stuck with horrible DirecTV..didn't have a choice. Then of course when I moved a few miles down the road they have UVerse here. I'm all "really?" I wanted their internet and tv service. Can't get better than fiber love it.. ATT & DirecTV are horrible haha.

All that aside, I do hope they don't charge an arm and a leg for it but knowing corporate businesses..that's just too much to hope for.