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The Expendables Sequel: Casting Arnold Schwarzenegger's Team

Believe it or not, there's still plenty of fight left in the old dog known as Sylvester Stallone, as seen by the success of "The Expendables," the actor, writer and director's 1980s action cinema throwback that secured box office gold this past weekend. With victory in mind, it's clear that Stallone and the studio executives at Lionsgate are already thinking about sequel possibilities. But really, there's only one sequel idea that makes any kind of sense: expanding on the team led by Trench, Stallone's mercenary rival played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in an all-too-brief cameo role

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JL4298d ago

I'm sorry, but NEVER is "more Arnold" a good choice. The guy may very well be the worst actor in the history of acting. With less personality than a rock and less range than John Wayne, I absolutely can not stand seeing the guy on a screen.