The 10 Best Heist Movies Of All Time

Complex: Ever since the silent film classic The Great Train Robbery captivated audiences in 1903, the so-called "heist movie" has become one of Hollywood's most reliable staples. Sometimes the heist revolves around a complicated scheme to get the impossible prize, while other times the robbery is simple, but getting away with the booty almost always proves more difficult than anyone expected. Sure, the genre can be formulaic, but watching people steal shit never seems to get old. Admit it.

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JL4300d ago

Some pretty good choices here. Though I would definitely put Reservoir Dogs in there above a few of the mentioned here (I'm not even sure I'd consider Three Kings a heist movie). Thomas Crown, Dog Day and Rififi are absolute musts though. As well as Ocean's 11, Italian Job and Heat. Quick Change looks familiar but I can't remember it, so not sure about that one. I rather liked Heist as well. And while it may not be the best movie, one of my favorite heist movies of all time has undoubtedly got to be The Sting. Love that movie still today.