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IndieWire Review | An Intellectual Headache: Daniel Cockburn’s Enigmatic “You Are Here”

A man trapped in a room answers questions in Chinese without comprehending the language. Confused pedestrians wander the city streets, taking meaningless orders from a control center that guides their movements. A child tells the story of a mad scientist whose ubiquitous computer-eye threatens to take over the world. These are just a few of the confounding twists in “You Are Here,” the first feature directed by Toronto-based video artist Daniel Cockburn. It’s safe to say that Cockburn delivers a more advanced rumination on the fragility of human consciousness than the levels in “Inception.” However, fan sites won’t delve into his intentions with similar vigor, because solving the astute psychological puzzles of “You Are Here” would ruin the alternately frustrating and revelatory cinematic experience he has carefully built.

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