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DVD File Review: Triage

DVD File:
A lot of this review has to do with war weariness, and our main characters should consider themselves fortunate that they have the luxury and the ability to escape the horrors that they see through the lens of their cameras. One effective character in the film was the Kurdish doctor, who has to treat the patients he can (which, in his own “Triage”, he gives them a yellow slip of paper) and shoot the rest to put them out of their misery (They are given a blue slip of paper). It dawned on me during this film that this is where the doctor lives and he has neither the physical or moral opportunity to escape the suffering and hopelessness; he’s a citizen of the war torn country. Yet, we find out in the movie that sometimes it’s not enough to physically leave a place that seems worlds away from your own. You have to be able to live with what you’ve seen, heard, and done.

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