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FirstShowing Review: Ferrell/Wahlberg's The Other Guys is Furiously Funny


The Other Guys starts with an explosive car chase. Two New York hero cops are chasing bad guys. What did they do? It doesn't matter. Just know the cops involved are the cream of the crop. Dwayne Johnson is on the roof of the car being driven by the bad guys. Samuel Jackson is driving a Chevelle closely behind. Bullets are flying. The banter is quick. When the explosions occur, they are wild and slick and right out of the best scenes Michael Bay has to offer. This is where the action peaks in The Other Guys, but, just as the film isn't about Johnson and Jackson's characters, it's also not about the explosions and gun fights. The Other Guys is about comedy, and, when it starts, regardless of the surrounding action, it is intensive enough on its own.

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