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Lucas Announces Star Wars Blu-ray

IGN: "The Star Wars Blu-ray release is now as official as it can be, as none other than George Lucas announced the films were coming to the format. "I wish I could say it's coming out this year, but it's coming out next year," Lucas said to the packed audience at the "Main Event" at Star Wars Celebration V today, which was moderated by Jon Stewart.

Speaking about what will be included, Lucas said, "They'll be different kinds of additional material," adding, "I think you've seen enough behind the scenes [material] for a lifetime. There's some really good material that will be included in there, [including] more deleted scenes that you haven't seen yet." Lucas said these newly released scenes would be kept separate from the film itself."

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meganick4299d ago

If it ain't the unaltered original trilogy, then I don't give a crap.