Will Blockbuster Claim Bankruptcy?

Blockbuster continues to struggle and wage an ever-losing battle. Net losses are forcing the movie rental company into a last ditch effort to salvage what remains. If not, Blockbuster could very well fade out of existence.

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barboza3384d ago

This gets to me every time it comes up. I love the internet and online shopping but that doesn't mean I want to see my brick & mortars disappear.

CMDobson3384d ago

As overpriced as they are.. I still hope they get something to work.. My heart goes out to the employees on that as their jobs hang in the balance.

jarodwarren3384d ago

Tis a shame to see one of the original staples of the retail movie chains begin to go belly up, but sadly, it's a side effect of an inability to evolve with the times. Blockbuster had their chance to jump in the "quick-stop" rental boxes before the RedBox. They had the opportunity to create an online presence before NetFlix, but old minds are hard to convince and others succeeded where they dragged their feet in hesitation.

Sometimes to win the game (or stay alive) you have to throw out the rule book and write a new one.

amsdesignphoto3382d ago

It's a shame to see employees to suffer because of these old minds.. so sad