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TheMoviePool Review: 'The Expendables' Will Have You Reliving the 80s

‘The Expendables’ draws you back to the era of 1980s action films. With a superb class of past action heroes and villains, ‘The Expendables’ fails to live up to its raved hype.

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darklordzor4301d ago

Oh, this kind of hurt my heart a little. I was really hoping for a great film. I love 80s action flicks but I was hoping it could be more than that. I know Stallone can do better than that too....very sad.

amsdesignphoto4301d ago

You and me both. I was all jazzed and wanted to wait in line for hours to see it. When I saw that the theater was not completely packed, I was bit shocked. I was impressed with the script just at how entertaining it was. Those were my favorite moments.

barboza4301d ago

I hope I'm not let down by this one. I was already going in with lowered expectations but hoped to have a good time. We'll see.

Monkeyboy4301d ago

A DVD rental on a slow night...

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