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'The Avengers' Premake Trailer is Just What Fans Need

Combining elements and scenes from a multitude of older films, one fan has taken it upon himself to show the world what an Avengers movie would have looked like back in the 50s.

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barboza4301d ago

This looks great. Unfortunately I'm starting to lose faith in 'The Avengers' though. With 'Thor' and 'Captain America' set to be released it's just starting to feel 'milked'.

amsdesignphoto4301d ago

I'm excited about 'Thor' but I'm just goofy haha. 'Captain America' not too sure. I can definitely understand your sentiments. Like how all the vampire movies are flooding the market.. need a break from it.

darklordzor4301d ago

Milked is a good word for it, but at the same time, we've known it was coming for a while. I would like a brief rest from comic book movies but I doubt we'll get one. I'm only excited for Avengers now because of Joss Whedon.

CMDobson4300d ago

I'm with April. Still looking forward to Thor. hehe. The video looks awesome even if it is old school black and white.