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Return of the Jedi Gets a New Ending

IGN writes: "Han Solo? Dead. Luke Skywalker? Walking off into the sunset.

At least that's how Return of the Jedi would have ended for Gary Kurtz, George Lucas' former collaborator and producer on the first two Star Wars films.

While attending Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, FL, Kurtz, who parted ways with Lucas and the Force after the release of Empire Strikes Back due to that ol' chestnut "creative differences," revealed what he and Lucas originally planned for Episode VI."

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darklordzor4387d ago

Honestly I don't see how this is new. Fans have known a lot of this information for a while. Well at least the incredibly nerdy fans like me that gobble up all kinds of information.

Cyrus3654386d ago

I personally didn't know that, so it was news to me, although i'm not a hardcore Star wars follower.