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'How Do You Know' Trailer Will Brighten Your Day

James L Brooks brings an adorable romantic comedy ‘How Do You Know’ to the table. With such an awe-inspiring cast, ‘How Do You Know’ has the potential to rock audiences’ lives with laughs and awwws.

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barboza4344d ago

I'm normally not a RomCom kind of guy but this has potential. I laughed more than once watching the trailer.

CMDobson4344d ago

Paul Rudd's character seems rather awkward, but it still looks potentially funny. I love Reese Witherspoon, so I think it's safe to say I will eventually watch it.

amsdesignphoto4344d ago

Same here. I might wait until DVD because I don't know if it'd be 'theater-worthy.' It looks like one of those movies you'd want to watch when you're in a cheesy, mushy mood lol