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Hollywood Studios Is Immediately Releasing Theater Movies Right to Your TV

Hollywood Studios is presenting a new deal to bring Premium VOD to your local cable or satellite providers. Theater movies will soon be making their way to your television screen sooner than you expect.

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CMDobson4345d ago

Of course it's another way for them to try to get more money from you. It would be pretty cool if I used VOD from the satellite provider.

darklordzor4345d ago

I can see upsides and downsides to this. Since I no longer have as many chances to get out to the theater this could help me stay current. To all those who think this will kill movie house chains....come on. Nothing can beat the theater experience.

GodsHand4345d ago

Unless you have a movie theater in your house. But most of us don't.

PS360WII4344d ago

A decent sized TV and okay sound is so much better than a packed movie house with a mystery box of guests who may or may not destroy your movie experience.

Getting newly released movies at home rather than having to play the gamble of the movie theater is a bonus in my eyes :)

darklordzor4344d ago

I have a pretty nice set up at home but there is something about going to the theater that's...different. I just love the experience, despite some people who might try to ruin it at times.

amsdesignphoto4344d ago

I'm all for a big screen HD to me it's awesome on a comfy couch.. I'm all for it. A buddy of mine has a super huge HD tv that he only gets seems almost like I'm at the theater minus the cost. Just depends on your preferences. I'd rather watch a movie at home anyway then dealing with screaming children and teens in a theater.

barboza4345d ago

Cuban's company has been trying "Day and Date" releasing for a while now. Not sure what the numbers are though. Regardless, I agree that nothing can replace the theater experience.

RockmanII74344d ago

This just screams Piracy

amsdesignphoto4344d ago

I had the same sentiments. I don't try the VOD just because I don't tend to sit in front of my TV...but piracy would be a huge battle.. I could only imagine all the pirated copies would be floating out there