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'The Tempest' Poster Will Get You Interested in Shakespeare

The poster for the Shakespearean based 'Tempest' has just been released, and may give audiences a reason to appreciate old school literature again.

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amsdesignphoto4342d ago

Quite impressive. I really like this poster and how well it is executed. Typically, you seem some horrible poster design but this one I would definitely like to own.

barboza4342d ago

I just re-watched Across The Universe the other night and I think it will be interesting to see what Taymor does with this.

darklordzor4342d ago

I just didn't really like Across the Universe. For the first half, I was thinking "this is the greatest thing ever", but then it reached a point where it got ridiculous and way off track. It killed the movie for me. That being said I'm willing to give this a shot.

CMDobson4342d ago

Wow..very eye catching design.

jarodwarren4342d ago

Very nice. Taymor will probably outdo herself again. She'll drive a few actors insane along the way, but it should be a visual feast.