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Hammer Studio Restores Hollywood Horror

Hammer Film Productions Ltd. comes out of hiding to dive into their gothic style horror films. After 31 years of lying in the grave, Hammer Film Productions, geniuses of the 1960s ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Curse of Frankenstein’ is going full steam ahead with their ‘Let Me In’ vampire film. Facing many obstacles, Hammer is determined to restore faith back into the industry – company, movies et al.

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barboza4427d ago

I'm sure it will be a good film but then again they have great source material. The original film is still fresh in peoples minds and was great though so I am not sure if that's going to hurt this films numbers.

CMDobson4427d ago

I'm sure it will be great. At least I'm going to remain optimistic. :) I love horror movies.

jarodwarren4426d ago

I've seen the original Swedish film and it was by far one of the greatest vampire films I've ever seen. I'm very curious to see how this remake comes out.

amsdesignphoto4426d ago

I'm quite thrilled about it. After 31 years of being out of the picture...I'm ready to see their take on it... I'm all for this