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10 Film Franchises That Need A Reboot (Part 2)

In the midst of all of the remakes and reboots taking place for films that don't deserve one, TheMoviePool continues to count down the film franchises that actually need a reboot.

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darklordzor4344d ago

Wow, what a finish. It's interesting to see that so many comic book movies were on that list. Oh and as a star wars fan (I'm mean huge, massive collection type fan) I totally agree that we need more movies done by other directors and separate from the other films. We need those more than we do another cartoon show. Very nice!

barboza4344d ago

I was really surprised to see 'Star Wars' on that list, I think you may have made it onto a few hit lists with that one. While I agree with the logic I think it might start to feel more like 'Star Trek' and get watered down.

As for Terminator. I re-watched T2 the other day and it held my attention way more than Salvation and the FX were still pretty cool. I won't even mention T3 or the show they did. IF you get the T1 & T2 team back together then I say do it. Otherwise let it rest in peace.

darklordzor4344d ago

I still don't get why no one really liked Salvation. Personally I really enjoyed it. Sure it wasn't the best film, but it did a pretty good job of giving fans more of what they wanted.

CMDobson4344d ago

Nice list! I really enjoyed it. I vote for the first two Terminators all the way, and I know you have some votes on Star Wars.