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The Rise and Fall of the Classic Monsters Part III

A continuing look back at how our classic monsters have changed, for better or worse, through the ages.

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darklordzor4388d ago

Another really good look back at these monsters. I've always liked the Frankenstein story, but more than the others I feel he's in the most need of a make-over. While the story is classic and has held up incredibly well through the years, we need something more modern.

amsdesignphoto4388d ago

I definitely agree.. he needs a make-over. I'd love to see a well executed film about Frankie boy.. yes indeed

barboza4388d ago

I've enjoyed this series and it has me thinking of what other classics I'd like to see re-imagined. As for Frankenstein I think it could have enormous potential but Frankenstein seems to exist best within his original world. I don't think it crosses over as readily as the others. Dracula is rarely mentioned although Vampire movies are huge. The original Werewolf was recently redone but aside from that there are countless movies that deal with the concept of werewolves. I just don't see how that could be applied to the "Frankenstein Monster".

CMDobson4387d ago

Wow. I'm really enjoying your classic monster list. It takes me back. ;)