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'Skyline' Trailer Sucks You Into Space

The teaser trailer for the new sci-fi alien invasion movie has hit the internet. Engaging and exciting, the marketing for the CGI heavy film starts off with a bang.

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barboza4428d ago

This looks like it could potentially be good. I loved 'District 9' but I'm all for a good old fashioned Alien invasion.

amsdesignphoto4427d ago

I loved 'District 9' as well.. I'm not completely sold on this one. It could be good and just a poor trailer. I will remain positive on the outcome.

darklordzor4427d ago

The feel of this movie is big-budget, but with a small budget we might actually be able to get a very good story out of this thing. Honestly this teaser is great, and reminds me for some reason of a monster movie (like Cloverfield). Even though we see the aliens (there ships at least) there is still a lot of mystery surrounding what's going on. Very interesting!

jarodwarren4427d ago

Pretty sick looking, I like the gritty feel to it, like District 9 or Knowing. Should be righteous.

huwmour4426d ago

Anybody else notice that their ships are basically Protoss "motherships" from starcraft II. no, just me. Sad Face.

darklordzor4426d ago

Actually yes I did! You're not alone on that one. I only caught it because SC 2 has been eating up all of my time.

ASSASSYN 36o4426d ago

I love when we get invaded by aliens.