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JoBlo Interview: Scott Pilgrim Evil Exes Brandon Routh and Satha Bhabha


Brandon Routh and Satha Bhabha play two of Scott Pilgrim's evil exes in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Routh has experience playing someone with superpowers, stunt work and hanging from wires while Bhabha doesn't have much experience with film at all. Despite the disparity in their experience, they're two of the nicest guys I experienced (they both stayed for hours at the Comic-Con "Scott Pilgrim Experience" and took photos and autographs with everyone they could). They both had interesting takes on what it was like filming SCOTT PILGRIM with Edgar Wright when I got a chance to talk to them a few weeks ago.


The Shift review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "The Shift is not rated, but I would guess it would receive a PG or PG-13 rating. If you’re interested in a sci-fi retelling of a Biblical story, check out The Shift in theaters next month!"

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The Garfield Movie Resumes Production Chris Pratt Reveals

The upcoming Garfield Movie resumes production Chris Pratt reveals in a behind-the-scenes Instagram post this week.


Ketika Berhenti di Sini Review | Leisurebyte

Ketika Berhenti di Sini has moments of relatability and heartbreak but with stakes this low, you'd expect anyone to succeed.

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