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Things We Want in Transformers 3 ( isn't stupid, they know pleas will fall on deaf ears. But, as the new picture is in production, filmtwats thought they would compile a list of things they would like to see included or remedied for the next Transformers sequel.

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Boggles4344d ago

Good article - I couldn't believe it either when I read that Rodimus is going to be a firetruck. I just hope it turns out to be one of Michael Bays porky pies!

iamnsuperman4343d ago

good article but all i want is emotion and like it says in the article death is final because it is. I think the transformers franchise is amazing but someone needs to die in it and not come back to life...also I am glad Megan Fox is gone. Shes hot but she was crap in the first 2 hopefully the new one is a better actress.