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DVD Talk Review: Road Kill

DVD Talk:

Dean Francis remains a fascinating enigma. He's clearly been inspired by his local legends, cribbing mightily from the likes of Miller, Stanley, and Eggleston. Too bad he couldn't have clarified things a little more on his way to a equally open-ended finish. Some manner of intelligibility would have made Road Kill a Highly rated experience. Indeed, it does look amazing. As it is, it's barely Recommended. In fact, a Rent It might better suit the needs of those unsure about how to interpret this film's lack of clarification. Mind you, horror doesn't always need crystal conclusions. As long as you get the gist of what is happening, and the how of who it is happening to, you can get by (oh, and don't forget the blood...). Road Kill wants to play by different rules. As a result, it forgets what's most important - the fear.

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