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DVD Talk Review: Hunger

DVD Talk:

Of all the movies this critic saw as part of the Fangoria Frightfest Collection, Hunger was the most disappointing. Anything that claims it will illustrate the dining depravity of man and then turn around and provide nary a plateful is worthy of ridicule. However, yours truly will grant that some in the audience, wholly invested in the premise, will perhaps find the perils faced by this fivesome worthy of some anxiety. As a result, we divide the Skip It and the Recommended ratings and come up with a score of Rent It. This way, you can decide for yourself without having to risk more than a barebones monetary investment. As with Grimm Love, another festival favorite that was underwhelming when it came to cannibalism, Hunger is all bark and no bite - and when you're dealing with skin snacking, that's never a good thing.

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