JoBlo Review: Middle Men


It’s difficult to remember life before an unconscionable amount of pictures and videos of people having sex weren’t readily available at our fingertips. It’s a fascination as natural as our own bodies. For as long as people have been able perform the act, there has always been an audience to watch it. If you told a younger, newly pubescent version of me that the internet was invented for porn, I’d probably believe you. That’s why it’s easy to believe George Gallo’s saga that the birth of cyber credit card transactions, a modern internet ritual, came from the need to watch people screw. While I wasn’t expecting a reflection of actual events, this is only an “inspired by actual events” movie after all, I was fully ready to invest in the possibility that porn led to such an innovative daily business custom. By the time the credits rolled, I didn’t even care if it were true. I just wanted to leave.

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