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Is Justin Bieber Really Old Enough For a Biography?

Guardian: The teen sensation is set to publish his first memoir and be the subject of a biopic. Is it really the right time?

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hazelamy4862d ago

get famous for five minutes these days and somebody will write a book about you.
how long before some star's kid gets their own biog before they're even born?
i jest, but don't be surprised if it happens one day.


Justin Bieber, James Corden filmed faking Carpool Karaoke by pedestrian

James Corden and Justin Bieber filmed getting towed along Hollywood Blvd while doing a segment of Carpool Karaoke for new episode..

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TechnoGoat1407d ago

LOL! this is how anything filmed in a car is done... WTF lol..


Tom Cruise And Justin Bieber UFC Fight Likely To Happen

WGTC: “What started off as presumably a joke now looks as if it may actually happen, as Tom Cruise is expected to accept Justin Bieber's UFC challenge.”

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Marcello1618d ago

I agree but oddly i `d pay to see Cruise smack Bieber.


The Internet Reacts To Justin Bieber Calling For Tom Cruise UFC Fight

WGTC: "Justin Bieber has publicly challenged Tom Cruise, he of Mission: Impossible fame, to a UFC brawl. And the Internet is losing its mind."

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