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'Batman 3' Rumors From the Mouth of Two-Face?

Now that Christopher Nolan's full attention can be given to 'The Dark Knight' follow-up the rumor mill has ramped up once again to ridiculous levels. This new rumor suggests Two-Face might make a return and comes from no other than Aaron Eckhart himself.

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amsdesignphoto4350d ago

I, too, am ready for a new villain.

darklordzor4350d ago

Yeah, let's just get all new people and not tread on that previous ground. It's too cliche and there are a wealth of villains to choose from. I'm hoping for the riddler but I really want Scarecrow to do something awesome. He's my favorite villain, but he's been reduced to a comic releif.

CMDobson4350d ago

I'm hoping they get The Riddler instead.

MoB214350d ago

When Nolan says "Two Face is dead", he clearly means that Harvey Dent is still around, but his identity as two face is gone

darklordzor4350d ago

Hmmm that's an interesting way of putting it, but that would make the least sense to me. Harvey Dent is gone, lost to the madness of two-face. IF anything it'd be the other way around, because there's no going back.