‘Jackass 3D’ Trailer Will Hit You in the Face

The ‘Jackass’ boys bring their insane and demented stunts back to the big screen but with 3D technology in ‘Jackass 3D.’ Expect tons of projectiles hurled in your direction. Maybe now it’ll give audiences the feeling as if they are eye witnessing the antics firsthand.

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barboza3658d ago

I've been laughing since I heard these guys were tackling 3D.

amsdesignphoto3658d ago

I could only imagine what it's going to be like in 3D. I'm sure the guys had one crazy time thinking up of ways to take advantage of the 3D.

jarodwarren3658d ago

why do I have the feeling I'm going to see parts of Johnny Knoxville I don't want to see in 3-D?

CMDobson3657d ago

Ohh probably because it's true. lol.

darklordzor3658d ago

I still don't particularly care for these guys. Though I must say they had the coolest party at SDCC.