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Does It Matter If They Get Comic Book Movies Right?

Hollywood: We fanboy bloggers sure write about superheroes an awful lot. In fact, we don’t just write about superheroes; we write about COMIC BOOKS! We share our love for comics and their glorious four-color heroes while often deriding filmmakers for not getting the story right when they adapt them.

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SlaughterMeister4393d ago

BUT! I really do want them to do a slight change on Batman's cape. I just wish it would pin in the middle of his neck, and drape around his shoulders instead of back.

The Dark Knight is perfect in every way, except that one point. It obviously isn't a dealbreaker, but in the world of DC comics many of the classic characters have capes, and each one is distinctive from the others. I'd like to see Batman's cape done right for the next film. Besides, it's not like he can't toss it back over his shoulders when he's kicking ass.

polarbear4392d ago

I don't really mind a few changes, maybe some minor character is slightly different or a love interest that's only a slight detail to the overall story for a character that never really had a very established relationship. Things that might be a kind of annoying on just the note that it's different, but not really a total game changer.

But when I see stuff that's just absolutely terrible, stuff that completely destroys a character, like a majority of the things in Wolverine, I nerd rage