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The Rise and Fall of the Classic Monsters Part II

A continuing look back at how our classic monsters have changed, for better or worse, through the ages.

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barboza4350d ago

I still need to see the latest Wolfman film. I hear so many mixed reviews it never ends up at the top of my list. "The Howling" and "American Werewolf in London" are two movies I loved as a kid and I remember being scared to death. I don't think I'll ever revisit those films simply because I doubt they'll hold up and I'd rather keep the memories intact. Great Article.

amsdesignphoto4350d ago

I haven't seen the latest Wolfman either. I keep meaning to but I'm not sure what keeps happening. I don't ever think I saw 'The Howling' and I thought I've seen quite a few werewolf films.

The list was superb. There were a few werewolf films I can't think of the titles off hand that I was hoping to see because they kinda chilled me to the bone. Oh yea, I remember one. I believe it was "Brotherhood of the Wolf," French film. I haven't seen in it years since it came out in theaters in 2001. I guess it was some sort of adaption of a werewolf. All I know is it terrified me at that age lol.

Loved it!

darklordzor4350d ago

Honestly, I've always felt werewovles had more story potential than vampires any day. There's only so much you can do with vampires, but werewolves are still fairly open ended. Just because they haven't been treated well lately doesn't mean they can't make some strong appearances later.

jarodwarren4350d ago

Werewolves are so much more inclined for better storytelling overall. Vampires are kind of a "done and done" deal but werewolves have so much room for adaptation and evolution.

Brotherhood of the Wolf or "Le Pact De Lupes" was a fantastic film, good action, good plot, but the "werewolf" was actually a massive African Lion that was strapped with a wicked set of armor and blades, designed to generate fear as a "werewolf" type of beast. Nonetheless, it was greatness for a French film.

The werewolf section was by far my favorite to write. Some other notables would be Dog Soldiers, Skinwalkers, and Blood and Chocolate.