Davis Guggenheim Drops Justin Bieber Pic

Even though Justin Bieber these days might be a bigger deal than global warming, An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim has dropped out of directing the young singer's 3D concert film for Paramount Pictures.

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TechZilla3530d ago

Maybe because of his hair.

jwalkerz3530d ago

jb is too sexy to be in 3d

Sunny_D3530d ago

Please tell me, you're a 13 year old girl.

TechZilla3530d ago

If your a guy thats just not cool to say.

barboza3530d ago

So is this a concert film or a biopic? I keep hearing it reported both ways. If it's in the vain of Hanna Montana then so be it but I would hate to think this kid is already going to get the treatment of true musical legends (Ray, Walk the Line). I guess the 3D element says it all but at least give him time to do something more interesting than a billion Youtube hits and swooning 10yrs olds. Arch anyone?