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8 of the Greatest Fanboy Debates

FuriousFanboys: Ever since the first fanboys gathered around the fire to share tales of far off galaxies and fair maidens, there were those that would debate the merit of those tales when compared to others. (Me, I imagine two cavemen coming to blows over which Mammoth hunter would be better suited to save the tribe from a saber tooth tiger… Picargh or Kurk?) As our genre has grown these debates have become more and more complicated, with more characters vying for supremacy in an ever increasing metaverse of fandom. Want to start a bar brawl (or slave Leia pillow fight, pictured above) at the next con you go to?

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Hard Days Review: Go Ayano, Junichi Okada Star in a Lukewarm Remake, As Usual | Leisurebyte

Hard Days, starring Go Ayano and Junichi Okada butting heads with each other, is lukewarm at best and delivers very little intrigue or interest.

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Indie Cartoon The Amazing Digital Circus Surpasses 150M Views

The Amazing Digital Circus, the comically dark indie cartoon that's been going viral since launch, has now surpassed 150 million views on YouTube.


Candy Cane Lane Review: Eddie Murphy Movie is Longer Than Necessary | Leisurebyte

Candy Cane Lane Review: Eddie Murphy stars in this Christmas comedy that goes on for too long and loses its charm.

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