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The Rise and Fall of the Classic Monsters Part I

A look back at how our monsters have changed, for better or worse, through the ages.

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amsdesignphoto4351d ago

I absolutely love how you conveyed the monsters..describing them to a tee. The evolution of the vampire has changed so drastically. I always grew up thinking of them as creepy ghouls then they're romanticized in film and in television series.

jarodwarren4351d ago

Thank you! This article was a blast to write, going back and researching all the old films and looking for all the tidbits on interpretation (by both actor and director). Just wait for Part II though. Werewolves!

barboza4351d ago

This is a great article and what seems like a great start to a series (?). As for Twilight nobody can argue that it's a cash cow but it definitely doesn't do Vampires or the genre justice. It's sad really because I've always said that the premise is so damn universal and could have been explored further. Eternal life AND Eternal Youth.

darklordzor4350d ago

Vampires are just to meh for me now. Which sucks because I know there are still plenty of good vampire stories out there. I just feel too flooded now to start wading through all of them.