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George Lucas Again Crushes Our Hopes

After many years of hope and speculation, fans have been received some bad news. George Lucas has confirmed that the highly anticipated Star Wars live-action TV has been put on hold...again.

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barboza3628d ago

A live action show would be great. For some reason I can't get into animated stories that continue (or build on) the storyline of previous live-action films.

TheCritic283628d ago

Damn shame. The animated show, Clone Wars, is good, but this has the potential to be great.

darklordzor3628d ago

Yeah even though I'm a huge fan, I can't seem to get into the Clone Wars either. I have the series on blu-ray and every time I go to start it, I just can't go more than an episode or two. It's not a terrible show, but it's not for me.

I've been desperately waiting for the live-action show, but now that might not happen for a few more years....

Galaxia3627d ago

The first episode or two isn't all that great. But after that the series really gets awesome. I honestly enjoyed The Clone Wars just as much as any of the classic films.

darklordzor3627d ago

You're right, I need to keep giving it a try then.

jarodwarren3628d ago

I would rather have it put on hold and turn out great later than go forward and be delivered another Episode I disaster.

tunaks13627d ago

too much b!tching from the star wars community.